Litho Laminating (Mounting)

Our investment policy is to procure the latest technology resulting in acquiring fully automatic 1116 Lamina Blackline and Tunker 1100s laminating machines which have both been installed new within the last 2 years.

These are capable of laminating to double faced materials, including F; E; B; C; NE; FE; EB and BC corrugated flute grades, as well as solid grey board 400mic to 2500mic.

Our two laminating machines provide the scope to produce large volume runs of trade mounting with short turnaround times. We can mount prints to either one side or both sides of the substrates.

In addition to this we can duplex folding box board sheets from as thin as 400mic back to back.

Machine Tolerances:

Print sheet. Preferred paper weight 170silk
Max sheet size: 1600 x 1090mm (Printed sheet)
Min sheet size: 320 x 450mm (Printed sheet)
Max sheet size: 1595 x 1085mm (Base board)
Min sheet size: 315 x 445mm (Base board)